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Bw_sida_thumb Henrik Sylvén Production Leader Sweden, Stockholm 0
Asien_thumb Anders Wilhelmsson Assistant Leader 0
Kami Petersen Assistant Leader 0
Dark_elf_avatar_by_graysun_d-d3g2elq_thumb Vaasa Cyane Hi there it will be a honor for me to create the soundtrack for your lovely production. If you are interested please check my tracks on and give me some feedback please. Thank you Member United Kingdom, York 0
Jm5_thumb João Marco Hello, I am new here in the world web produtions... I am available for directing, editing or working with sound and music... I hope we can work together... I live in Portugal and that could be good... or not... lol Member Portugal, Faro 0
A7_thumb Christopher Albanese This looks like a spectacular production, and very much in line with the kind of soundscape/audio work I've done in the past. Cheers! Member United States, Wisconsin, Madison 0
Spikyme_thumb Jason M. I want to see how you handle this, looks really compelling. Member United States, California, Chino Hills 0
Per Janérus Member 0
Jonathan Sjöberg Because director Henrik Sylvén is our only hope and the future of swedish film industry. A dark, creepy and scary future maybe , nevertheless he is it. Member 0
Jerry Silfwer Because I don't think they can pull this one off without me. Member 0
Luminea Remus Gabriel to help at this movie Member 0
Ryan Boulding I'm seriously interested in this story and the possibilities involved. it sounds like a fun experience while depicting a story that I personally haven't exactly seen before. Member 0
Jag_spooky_thumb Christopher Marins I like the synopsis :) if you need any help I'll do my best! Member Finland, Karjaa 0
Pik_thumb mehmet ramadan i would like to help with the script Member United Kingdom, Ashford, 0
Portrait_thumb Pasi Pitkänen I do what I can to contribute. Contact me if you want some music for this. Member Finland, Kuusamo 0
User_thumb Etheri Kakulia Member Ukraine, Kharkiv 0
200420081558_thumb Peter Vesterbacka Member Finland, Espoo 0
Essi_2_thumb Essi Suomela The project sounds interesting and I would like to show my support towards the film makers. Member Finland, Helsinki 0