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Announcing: The Beanstalkers

Posted April 26, 2010 by Martin Lejeune 4 Thumb-ups 

Recently I’ve been working on a new project which I’m now ready to announce as “The Beanstalkers” It will be about 10 – 15 minutes long and follows the adventures of two flat mates who loose their jobs and end up selling their car for a can of green beans.

We’re looking to be shooting in the next month or so as the script is nearly locked and the lead roles now cast.

Last week I produced a couple of proof of concept shots to give an impression of how the final effects will look and show the style that we are going for. These can be seen along with a brief introduction in the video below.

If your interested in the project then feel free to help out on wreckamovie and/or join the facebook page:

Many Thanks to Angela and Kris for their support as this started to take shape and over course the ever willing to listen Mr Hudson.


Joonas Aarnio April 28, 2010 06:33 Flag

The Intro-video looks great!

Peter Vesterbacka April 27, 2010 19:36 Flag

Great stuff, really happy to see this project here on Wreckamovie! Way to go!

Angela R. April 26, 2010 23:03 Flag

Way to go!!! Looking forward to help!

(null) April 26, 2010 19:51 Flag

Good luck Martin, will be watching the tasks!

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A change my dear, and it seems not a moment to soon.

Posted December 02, 2009 by Martin Lejeune 3 Thumb-ups 

Ok, so Drunk Monk got put on hold. Partly because I was watching the number of effects shots spiral out of control and partly because it didn't seem to be the right project to invest a year or more of my life in.

Now having spent some time away from the script and come back to it I'm seeing it from a new light and quite a bit of it makes me laugh and I have a better idea of how to make the story work over all.

But instead of making a web series of three 10 minute episodes I'm going to adapting what's been written and reworking it as a half hour audio drama. which I think will better serve the comedic style and visuals of the piece.


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Location Scouting - Catacombs

Posted July 07, 2009 by Martin Lejeune 1 Thumb-up 

Yesterday I went to Exeter's Catacombs, these were built in 1831 as there was a problem with grave robbers stealing bodies to help scientist learn.

the idea was you bury them inside somewhere that can be locked up, then you won't have a problem, the snag was only the rich could afford this luxury and they didn't want to be buried just a short distance from where the working classes were being buried. So it cost a lot of money to build and was a complete flop.

some important scenes in the Drunk Monk Project take place in an underground archaeological dig site and the outside of the catacombs would be a good match, Whilst we can't shoot inside them because there's no electricity for lighting equipment we can use these photos as a reference for either finding another location or creating one in CG / photo manipulation.

also in the folder are the ruins of St Catherine Street Church which will be used for the monastery where we first meet Brother Baz.


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