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Opera by You Blog Archive (March 2012)

NOTE: Opera by You members prize draw

Posted March 30, 2012 by Päivi Salmi 0 Thumb-ups 

The time has come to do the prize draw of the competition for the most active members of the Opera by You community. We entered the names of the 20 most active members for a draw in which the prizes are five travel packages for the Savonlinna Opera Festival and the performance of the opera Free Will on July 21, 2012. More details on prizes will follow after the prize draw.

The short list of the most active Opera by You members (situation 30.3.2012)

- Heli Maaret Nevakare (FIN)
- Nancy Somerville (USA)
- Enrico de Zottis (ITA)
- Javier Armendariz (ESP)
- Phillip Wayne (FIN)
- Seppo Hiltunen (Fin)
- Antti Wiio (FIN)
- Daniel Vizitescu (ROM)
- Kela Ruuskanen (FIn)
- Timo Albert Hintsa (FIN)
- David Jansson (SWE)
- Graziano Gallo (ITA)
- Angela R (ITA)
- Toivo Pollari (FIN)
- Valentina Liski (FIN)
- Timo Airisto (FIN)
- Sabrina Pena Young (USA)
- Demetrio Bonvecchio (ITA)
- Liisa Niskanen (FIN)
- Rafael Perez Daniels (ESP)

Congratulations to the short list members! The prize draw will be held April 10 2012, just after the Eastern. So you have still some time to be more active and make your way to the short list!!

Our journey together is not over yet. Now we have still some very exciting phases left. You will have the unique possibility to follow and influence the stage direction ONLINE. This will happen in June 2012. More info will follow later.

REMEMBER: We have still some community tasks left, find below some examples

Stage direction design, few examples

Marketing planning

Please, go and listen the final pianoscore of Free Will

Best Päivi, your production leader


Javier Armendáriz April 13, 2012 18:18 Flag

Yes, it would be wonderful meet us there!

Kela Ruuskanen April 04, 2012 07:05 Flag

It would be wonderful if as many of us as possible could actually meet in Savonlinna this summer! Terveisia, Kela

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Getting started - updated guide

Posted March 05, 2012 by Päivi Salmi 0 Thumb-ups 

Getting Started - some tips

Here some tips for you who want to put your personal stamp on a full scale opera.

In Opera by You community we are creating a live opera in online community. The Opera is called Free Will and it’s original synopsis is written by Italian Graziano Gallo. This libretto was chosen from about a hundred suggestions by the Opera By You community and a group of operatives.

The opera itself will be seen at the Savonlinna Opera Festival in summer 2012.

You don’t have to be the next Mozart to participate. Every single idea, opinion, question, phrase, thumb up and tune is appreciated.

Join us, make an effort, win a trip to Savonlinna Opera Festival. Everyone taking part in creating Opera By You has a chance to win a trip to Savonlinna Opera Festival in Finland. Been there? If yes, you know why this is the best prize ever. And if not, then hey, don’t miss it! Great opera, scenic Lakeland Saimaa and a medieval castle as a stage, beautiful Finnish summer nature, cup of coffee at the Savonlinna market square.

Here’s tips on how to contribute. It’s easy. Drop a word or two if you like, or really dig into it and give it your heart’s worth.

In creating an opera there are basically four phases. In brackets the timelines and deadlines:

1) the plot = synopsis (by June 2011) - find attached the latest version with Acts and Scenes.
2) the detailed script = libretto (by May 2011) - find the latest version attached.
3) the composition = music , find the final pianoscore below
4) the visualization = guidelines mainly for stage sets, lightning and wardrobe. (Stage sets by May 2011, lightning and wardrobe by December 2011).

At the moment we have already finalized the script, stage sets design, costume design and composing. But we have still lot to do with stage direction and marketing planning.

Find here the final script

Free Will composing has now ended and you can find the final pianoscore here. The orchestration will be done by Markus Fagerudd.

The community has finalized the following:

Find the final stage sets here

Find the final costumes here

Participate here in to the stage direction tasks

In visual design and stage direction there will soon come some new tasks. Stay tuned!

Find the detailed task here

We are looking forward to hearing your ideas!And if you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or the other operatives of this project, Iida Hämeen-Anttila (writing), Markus Fagerudd (composing), Samuli Laine (visual designer), Jere Erkkilä (stage director), Juki Pohjolainen (head of production) and Essi Palo (head of wardrobe).

As the production leader of Opera By You I’m also more than happy to help.

Päivi Salmi


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