Members of My Tank!

Number of members: 17
  Name Motivation Role Location Karma
Aewakened_under_construction_thumb Aric Fisher - æwakened Productions Production Leader United States, Over There 29
Voluntarysociety_thumb Carl Voluntaryist Because I was kindly asked, and... Scorched 3D ! Member Antarctica, R'lyeh 29
Useme_thumb Daniel Michael O'Connell Here to make My Tank INVINCIBLE. Member United States, Maryland, D.C. Metro 0
Daniel_logo_thumb Daniel Saarimäki Cool project :D Member Finland, Somero 5
Virix_realtime_thumb Dave McKee I really like this idea. I can totally see the environment for this animation. I create environments in 3D so let me know when you're ready to drop the models into a nice terrain and sky with some great lighting. Member United States 1
Avatar_thumb Diego Irigoyen A. 3d modeling Member Mexico, Chihuahua 0
Diogo Member Portugal, Povoa de Lanhoso 0
Ed I'm interested in joining a project where I can improve my 3DCG skills and learn from other team members. This looks like great opportunity for that. Assistant Leader United States, Missourri, St Louis 0
Photo_on_2011-05-02_at_10 Eric John Augustinowicz IDK ... expressing an idea that seems entertaining to me ... getting a head start with animation, putting my education to work, etc ... PLEASE LET ME JOIN!!!! =p Assistant Leader United States, Florida, Winter Park 4
Hannu_thumb Hannu Hoffrén Member Finland, Kuopio 0
Wreckamovie_photo_2011_thumb Jani Salomaa Member Finland, Helsinki 20
Tapemachine_thumb John Moonan Member United Kingdom 0
Mim_055_thumb Lachlunn Valente reciprocation, Assistant Leader Australia, Maroochydore 40
Dsc00379_thumb Lizette Stenqvist The voices in my head told me to do it!...Nah I just like tanks :) Member Sweden, Stockholm 0
Simon Boer What motivates me? Anim8or Awesomenessssszzzz Member 0
Steven A Maynard Hi, Aric. I've decided to join up and help out. Please let me know what I can get started on. Member United States 0
T Atkinson to track a project using my music Member Canada, Vancouver 0