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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted January 25, 2010 by Matti Delahay 4 Thumb-ups 

Version: v.1.4
Last updated: 3.10.2011

General questions:

What is the significance behind the name?
Operation Highjump was a real massive naval operation by the United States Navy that our fictional storyline will be linked with. The original operation took place on the Antarctica in 1946-1947, a central stated goal being to estimate the usability of the contintent for military purposes. For more information, see for example:

How will the game be distributed?
The game will be distributed online, hard copies aren't planned at the moment. The distribution will be worldwide.

When will the game be ready?
The game will be developed in episodes with the first major launch taking place in early 2012.

Will the game be free?
No – making a game of this scale in a reasonable time takes time and money and our financiers also expect to get their money back.

How much will the game cost?
It's too early to say, we'll let you know as soon as we know more.

Is the game single or multiplayer?
Single player.

What engine are you using?
Unity (

What platforms will the game support?
PC at first, but all Unity-supported platforms are viable options.

Will there be a beta test? How do I become a beta tester?
Game of this scale will certainly require a whole lot of playtesting to weed out the bugs, but the details of the testing phase are not yet set. It's very likely that we'll give the community priority, so we'll probably have a task about the beta test in the future. Stay tuned!

Will the game be moddable?
Yes. More details to come.

Will the game be pro-Nazi?


What can I do to help?
Joining the production is first step – it's not strictly necessary but it helps us keep track of growth of the community and also makes it easier for you to spot new things here in the production. Next, take a look at our tasks to see if there's a task or two you're interested in:
More tasks are added frequently, and even if you can't think of a shot of your own immediately, you can browse through what others are written and perhaps post a comment here and there – every little bit helps. Last, you are very free to spread the word about the production – it's completely optional, but we're very eager to get more people in the production.

What do I get for participating?
Your name in the credits, experience, fame and gratitude as well as a chance to participate in a game production and to help us make a better game. We also offer production members the chance to get featured in the game:

Gameworld and storyline:

Will the game take place in 2018 like the movie?
No, we'll be telling a whole another story set in 1947 when the Nazi launch base on Antarctica still existed.

Wouldn't it make more sense to use storyline and characters from the movie?
We do not think so, and there are several reasons for this. First, a story that works fine in one medium is not necessarily so interesting to experience in another. Second, it would be somewhat redundant to tell the exact same story again. Third, it would greatly limit our writer team and any miscommunication between us and the movie team would result in inconsistencies in the versions.

I think your setting sucks, I've got a better suggestion for you, will you use it?
Unfortunately a change of the initial setting would force us to start from the beginning, and we really do not have the time or resources for that, so the setting is fixed. You could always start a new production on Wreckamovie based on your idea, of course.

What kind of scale is this on?
The Nazi base will feature 13 extensive and varying underground levels and around 200 non-player characters.

Any technical limitations?
We won't have any animals because of practical reasons – our modeling/animations resources are limited and there would only be a couple of animals in the base at most. Also, ideas that would require a lot of graphical content that can't be reused anywhere else in the base are less likely to be implemented for the same reason.

How humoristic/serious will the game be?
While we will have jokes, easter eggs and black humour in the game, we don't want to overdo it. We will also want to tell a story that handles very serious themes like torture, human experiments and totalitarian dystopia, however, and would like to keep the overall tone serious, just as Iron Sky is going to be a lot more serious than In the Pirkinning.

What about replayability?
The character creation allows three main character types (stealth, combat and social skills oriented) and while the surroundings for each are roughly the same, the game experience of each will be very different. Each character type also has several possible story outcomes depending on player actions.

Will there be achievements?
Yes, and we'll do our best to make them extra challenges that motivate players to try different things possible in the gameworld.

3D tasks

Where can I find guidelines & example graphics?

What modeling software do you use?

Do I have to use Blender too?
Using Blender is not required – any format that we can export into blender from is okay. Supported formats include: (3d Studio Max) .3ds, (collada 1.4) .dae, (lightwave) .lwo, (directx) .x, (wavefont) .obj, (doom3) .md5 and, of course, blender files.

Do you need the model to be completely UV wrapped or will blender materials be alright?
We'd prefer the models with both seamed unwrap and blender materials.

What is the scale used?
1 blender unit = 1 meter

How should I name the files?
For naming policies and other general guidelines, see:


Matti Delahay June 27, 2011 13:50 Flag

I think they still just might, I keep seeing them sold at markets. :D

Curtis McCreac June 27, 2011 13:31 Flag

Yeah, it would be now where near easy. Do they even make PS2s anymore?

Matti Delahay June 27, 2011 08:13 Flag

All respect to what PS2 could do (Shadow of the Colossus, for example), but I fear we'd have quite a lot of work to optimize this game for that console. :S

Curtis McCreac June 26, 2011 23:46 Flag

I know it will basically be impossible, but when you do release a console version, have a PS2 version! :D

Matti Delahay January 27, 2010 08:34 Flag

Thumbs up for that comment. :)

Angela R. January 27, 2010 08:08 Flag

...the perfect page to link when promoting the project amongst friends. :D

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