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  Name Motivation Role Location Karma
3_thumb Martin Keller II Member Czech Republic, Suchomasty 0
Tapsa Kuusniemi Member Finland 0
Daniel_logo_thumb Daniel Saarimäki I see if I can help Member Finland, Somero 6
Kristian Jellivaara Member Finland, Järvenpää 0
Ca_thumb Carlos Manuel G. Jorge I think I can give some ideas for characters . I also work with CG software. However, modeling is where I may be more helpfull. Member Portugal, almada 4
Jordi Gonzalez Member Spain, Barcelona 2
Allan Palmer Member United Kingdom, Portsmouth 4
033_thumb Keith Pressnell Member United Kingdom 0
Img00083-20101211-1640_thumb Vipul Raithatha I am passionate about everything involved in audio/visual production and I am eager to learn new skills whilst utilising and developing upon my existing skills. Member United Kingdom, Leicester/East London 0
Marcus_thumb Marcus Snagglepuss I am a writer Member United Kingdom 12
Nic Smith I am hoping to get involved with the audio elements of this production, whether sound design, music / composition or editing I am very capable and I really like the photography elements! Member United Kingdom, London 0
Audioscapist_w_thumb Patrick Fitzsimons I want to see this... I would also like to be involved in the soundtrack. Cheers, Patrick. Member United Kingdom 0
Pasha Hanover Production Leader United States, Hollywood, CA 16