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  Name Motivation Role Location Karma
Sami Laulajainen My life long dream to write and direct a feature film. Hope to make a carrier out of this. We'll see after the first one. Production Leader Finland, Äänekoski 172
Avatar_thumb David Jansson Wheee Member Sweden 151
Daniel_logo_thumb Daniel Saarimäki Helping with the 3D Member Finland, Somero 144
M_logox4x_thumb Markus Parkatti Sami&Pake Member Finland, Äänekoski 19
Voluntarysociety_thumb Carl Voluntaryist because I can Member Antarctica, R'lyeh 17
Jeremy H. Because genocidal revenge makes me want to love again. Member United States, Chicago 14
Jaakko Vanttaja It'd be interesting to be a part of a this kind of production. Member Finland, Pieksämäki 12
Pea_thumb Anton Raudkivi Well, in editing I have good audio-visual languageAnd Im always willing to do something big and! (at least so they say) And I can be a good actor also! new! Member Estonia, Pärnu 8
11164_1257987818164_1483691992_704078_5659937_n_thumb Jeffrey D. Gordon I'd like to join this crew as the premise sounds and looks *very* interesting. I'd also like to polish and refine my skills. I'm very goal oriented, as it's difficult to start without a solid vision of where to go. Member United States, Texas, Wichita Falls 6
Tapsa Kuusniemi Would like to score this one. Member Finland 6
Markus Leino Everything needed Assistant Leader Finland, Pieksämäki 4
Blindphineas_thumb Chris Holmes I'm a writer, a rabid sci-fi fan, love distopian stories and have designed logos as a professional graphic designer. I'm perfect for you! Member United Kingdom, London 2
Dsc_0250_thumb Annie Gladdis Interesting idea. Member Australia, Adelaide 2
Armymen_thumb Paulus Parkatti I`am an assistant writer, director, editor, cameraman, M.R. Bruno and what ever I need`s to be according to M.R. Laulajainen. Assistant Leader Finland, Äänekoksi 1
Sam Dalambert Member United States, Louisiana, New Orleans 0
Marco Tikkanen Hello. We would be interested in providing the soundtrack to the movie (or some). We have lots. Please check my BIO if need be. Best, Marco Member Finland, Vihti 0
Dark_elf_avatar_by_graysun_d-d3g2elq_thumb Vaasa Cyane Hi there it will be a honor for me to create the soundtrack for your lovely production. If you are interested please check my tracks on and give me some feedback please. Thank you Member United Kingdom, York 0
Samuli Holopainen Sami Assistant Leader 0
Simon Shumack need more room Member Australia, Melbourne 0
Dorothy Francis Member Switzerland, Coppet 0
Lars Erik Duryee Always loved sci-fiction and what better way to get a movie people want to see by giving inputs to what people might want to see? Member Norway 0
Flieger_01_thumb dariush I like to help . Member Iran, Islamic Republic of, Tehran 0
Jhbskyline_thumb Dean Konidaris Dolby Sound Design for film Audio Final mix for Film Sound Design Score mixing and Mastering Member South Africa, Johannesburg 0
Dscf3877_thumb Aubrey Williams Hi! I love black-comedy and sci-fi... so why not combine them? When you're ready for actors, I'll be there! Member United Kingdom, York 0
Kristiina Laulajainen to see how the project goes on Member Finland 0
200420081558_thumb Peter Vesterbacka Interesting. More detail would help though. Member Finland, Espoo 0
06-04-51_1513_thumb David Yacobus Subtites and translation... Member Indonesia, Jakarta 0
Avatar7_thumb Seppo Hiltunen scifi...and that plot looks interesting too Member Finland, Ulvila 0
Portrait_thumb Pasi Pitkänen Would like to help with the score. Member Finland, Kuusamo 0
Lukas_test_background_thumb Lukas Sprehn Member Denmark, Hørsholm (In English More Accurate Hoersholm) 0