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Does anyone know a good reference for the laws on location filming in Finland?

Obviously filming on private property can be done with the permission of the owner, but what about filming in a public street? And what about filming on a train?

And, realistically, do the Finnish authorities and/or VR even care any more, given that film equipment now is so much smaller and less likely to cause an obstruction? (If I understand correctly many countries restricted location filming in public simply because older cameras and crews took up so much physical space on the pavement.)


One of the earliest Bond films had a radio hidden in a hairbrush.

This task is asking for suggestions for items that are:


-Are iconic of a particular EU nation

-Could conceivably have electronic radios hidden inside them

Feel free to make both silly and serious suggestions. :-)


Some of the characters in the story may try to temporarily put certain people out of action.

It would be nice to get some suggestions on how non-violent action of this kind could be shown easily, cheaply and in a way that looks cool.

For example, one of the James Bond films had a cigarette which the user blew into and it spat sleeping gas from the other end, disabling the person next to them.


Conference scenes, where a character addresses hundreds of people in a large hall, seem very difficult to do. I've never seen a low-budget film that did a conference scene convincingly unless they filmed it at a real-life conference or (like Star Wreck) assembled a group of people in real life.

Is there any convincing and cheap way of faking a conference scene?


Part of the story requires folk tunes from France, Germany and Finland that are played on a stylophone or similar monophonic electronic instrument (something that sounds like an old mobile phone ringtone).

The tunes have to be recogniseable to their countrymen from the first few notes. The tune doesn't have to play all the way through, ten or twenty seconds audio is enough.

The tunes should be fairly cheerful if possible, something jolly and fun.

Suggestions and/or soundfiles most welcome.

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