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Production finished!

Posted December 22, 2009 by Daniel Saarimäki 2 Thumb-ups 

You can see results here:


Tomáš Pytlík December 23, 2009 12:44 Flag

Very nice, guys! It's incredible for one week making. You will get certainly another stars from me. Have a merry Christmas :)

Daniel Saarimäki December 23, 2009 09:55 Flag

What the...

(null) December 22, 2009 23:56 Flag

Hey, you got featured status on WAM! :) Congrats...

Daniel Saarimäki December 22, 2009 17:09 Flag

It has been about 2 hours in the youtube now, and it has allready been watched 105 times and rated five stars three times!

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Posted December 21, 2009 by Daniel Saarimäki 2 Thumb-ups 

Animating is done and I'm rendering this. Current status: 450/700 frames and 5 min/frame render time. My computer has been open over night and this is propably going to go over the night again, so it should be ready at tuesday.


Peter Vesterbacka December 22, 2009 07:52 Flag

Sounds great, Julius! I'm sure we'll have lots of people on here that could use some distributed rendering power. And even more people that would be happy to contribute some of their own home/office computer processing power.

[User has left the building] December 21, 2009 19:53 Flag

I hope that once we release the new build of Blender 2.5 (January 2010), we can make it much more simple for people to send jobs to be rendered.

Daniel Saarimäki December 21, 2009 18:25 Flag

I tried to use renderfarm but I got stuck with the script. It won't accept my login. I can render this. It's not a problem.

Peter Vesterbacka December 21, 2009 13:25 Flag

Great stuff! Why don't you check out for the rendering? I think you could get it done in less than an hour using that. I'm sure the guys would be happy to help.

(null) December 21, 2009 13:22 Flag

Yeah, go Daniel!

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Animating started!

Posted December 19, 2009 by Daniel Saarimäki 1 Thumb-up 

I have only two days time to animate this so I could render it on monday.

I have had two modellers modelling the dog and both of them have edited their own models. The final model I will use in my movie is made by Douglas. Davids model has still few problems.

The environment is now fully modelled. All I have to do is to animate!

Jobs to be done: Music, logo, animating, rendering and video editing.


Daniel Saarimäki December 20, 2009 18:37 Flag

Rendering started! Let's see what comes out!

Joel Saarimäki December 20, 2009 17:55 Flag

How long you can talk about this same crap (sorry).

(null) December 20, 2009 15:41 Flag

As long as we all keep trying, I think we can all succeed. :)

Daniel Saarimäki December 20, 2009 15:26 Flag

I said before that I am experienced modeller but not good animator, so this film won't be so good. Anyway, we are all learning here. Nobody is perfect.

And to put that thing even nicer, your film was good, but I am not a fan of non-3d animations...

(null) December 20, 2009 15:09 Flag

Ah, well that's a nicer way of putting it... ;)

Don't worry, I know what you mean.

But even if you're an experienced modeller, you might still be a beginner in animation.

I know some 3D artists who never do animation because they prefer to just design objects.

Daniel Saarimäki December 20, 2009 14:51 Flag

It was good, but I clearly saw that it was made by beginner.

(null) December 20, 2009 13:51 Flag

"Quite much everything in your project was crap (sorry)."

Well, thanks. That's very encouraging. :)

Joel Saarimäki December 20, 2009 13:10 Flag

... lol :)

Daniel Saarimäki December 20, 2009 09:47 Flag

Yep, but there is a difference. Quite much everything in your project was crap (sorry). I'm experienced modeller! It's weird that my film looks good but the animations aren't!

(null) December 19, 2009 18:48 Flag

My first animation was the mouse one, you saw how crap that was! :)

But I learned a lot from it, so I'm glad I did it. :)

Daniel Saarimäki December 19, 2009 18:34 Flag

Yep, but it's hard to edit animation afterwards, so this will be what it will be :)

(null) December 19, 2009 18:24 Flag

You will get better each time you try!

Everyone has to start somewhere! :)

Daniel Saarimäki December 19, 2009 16:29 Flag

I don't know can I keep that quality when animating. This is my first time ever when I try to animate something not for fun. Look for images at "animating" task.

(null) December 19, 2009 14:21 Flag

That looks really good so far, well done! :)

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Name changed

Posted December 14, 2009 by Daniel Saarimäki 0 Thumb-ups 

It is quite boring to make a film where dog dies at christmas, so we decided to change the plot from negative to positive. The plot is much like the old one, but instead of being shot, the dog just watches the tree and there comes text "happy Xmas". To add something funny, I'm thinking to make the tree starting to fall over the dog. The movie stops when the tree is on the half way.


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