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Portrait_thumb Pasi Pitkänen Member Finland, Kuusamo 0
Fiona Jackson I was going to answer your questions, but it doesn't seem to be working. I'd also rather send them to an email address, but can't find one. Member New Zealand, Hamilton 4
Black_beauty_pferd_thumb Shane Peterson Good movie concept. Member United Kingdom 0
154874_1725439774237_1185672664_1989564_6628817_n_thumb Richard Smith To write music for television/films/games, no preference. Writing as an individual is all i can do to a competent level. Inspiration comes from everywhere and everything. Member United Kingdom, Sheffield 0
alan walton i love the idea Member United Kingdom, manchester 2
Jerica L Sandifer Assistant Leader United States, Texas, Longview 0
Pict0432_thumb Taryn Parker Production Leader United States, Oklahoma City 0