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Medijska2008-1_thumb Dario Odobasic Production Leader Croatia, Zagreb 104
Eleonora_barna_smiley_web_thumb Eleonora Barna Hvala no pozivu. Drago mi je da se skopcam sa nasima. Mogu pomoci ako vam nesto treba. Member United States, Los Angeles 0
User_thumb Etheri Kakulia Member Ukraine, Kharkiv 0
Lukas_test_background_thumb Lukas Sprehn Why delete it, you already have some eps out right? :D Member Denmark, Hørsholm (In English More Accurate Hoersholm) 0
Marina Jurisic I m happy to be a part of this project! I support this kind of projects and I think this is a very good way to teach people about these things! Assistant Leader Croatia, Osijek 0
Noa Skracic My motivation is learning more about films and animations and meet some people who knows something about it. Member Croatia, Split 0
200420081558_thumb Peter Vesterbacka Great idea and I'm obviously more than happy to help in any way I can. Member Finland, Espoo 12
P1011561_thumb Sanjin Kao osoba "iza kamere" imam mnogošta za nau?iti ili re?i, stoga je jednostavno zaklju?iti zašto bio volio biti "Iza kamere" Member Croatia, Varazdin 0
Sasha Dugonjich There's no need to explain, I'm thrilled by this site, and willing to help Dario however I can because he led me to here! Thank you WreckaDario! and of course! Member Croatia, Gunja 1
Tomislav Stojanovic I want to try something new. It seems to me that this could be great project! Member Croatia, Gradiste 2