Members of An animated Space Opera

Number of members: 17
  Name Motivation Role Location Karma
Anders Andersson Yes, I care. This production takes the clash between culture, business and law to a new level. I want to be part of its legal team. Member Sweden, Uppsala 0
Presentationsbild_thumb Andreas Rönnqvist Member Sweden, Gävle 0
Api_thumb Antti Pirskanen I'd be glad to help any way I can Member Finland, Helsinki 0
Bertil Jansson Member 0
Blair Collins I model with blender, Ive done a little bit of animation, maybe I can help Member New Zealand, Napier 0
Voluntarysociety_thumb Carl Voluntaryist most people misunderstand what freedom really is, I hope I can help them overcome this discrepancy Member Antarctica, R'lyeh 2
Daniel_logo_thumb Daniel Saarimäki I see what I can do. Member Finland, Somero 23
Avatar_thumb David Jansson Production Leader Sweden 65
Gert-jan_thumb Gert-Jan Van de Voorde Member Belgium, Sint-Niklaas 26
Spikyme_thumb Jason M. I'd love the chance to help out on an animated project. Member United States, California, Chino Hills 0
Joelsusi_valmis_thumb Joel Saarimäki Helping with 3D. Member Finland, Somero 0
Johanavatar_thumb Johan Löfström I am also into these kind of animated Open Source films Member Sweden, Yeahvle 6
9319_146271487439_523592439_2623651_5748210_n_thumb Jussi Katajala Member Finland, Espoo 8
Lukas_test_background_thumb Lukas Sprehn Sounds very interesting! I am looking forward to see this! Maybe we can do on something once you're done. I have animated projects that I would love to see reality. Is there anything I can help with? I am an aspiring writer. Member Denmark, Hørsholm (In English More Accurate Hoersholm) 0
Pik_thumb mehmet ramadan I would like to help fill out the script. Member United Kingdom, Ashford, 6
200420081558_thumb Peter Vesterbacka Sounds good. Member Finland, Espoo 2
Rseppala_thumb Robert Seppälä My motivation is animation! Member Finland, Helsinki 0