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autotranslated synopsis /plot outline

Posted January 05, 2011 by Johan Löfström 0 Thumb-ups 

i did a little google-translate-magic:

A small bunch of shady characters Buys or obtains a large empty cheap factory / warehouse in the countryside, build / equip / repair greenhouses, begins to grow something, buy very large quantities of chemical fertilizers and other chemicals which can be used for drug production and for legal purposes.

They take up an enormous amount of communication over the Internet, insert weird ads with cryptic messages, begin to encode their phone calls, send and receive lots of income, links with shady distributors, customers and clients start visiting them at night, it starts to show up cars from foreign carriers.
(They have prepared code words, so that they are guaranteed to be wiretapped, bugged and monitored by all possible local police agencies in Sweden, the anti-drug-trafficking EU and in U.S.)

The gang start collaborating with known drug dealers (in order to learn about fast, cheap way of transporting expensive goods, maybe retrain those in legal professions), with the intent that the DEA should open their eyes to this "project".

The police initiate large forces to monitor, document, and figures out that the farm is a drug factory, listening on their communication...
The intention is that the league has prepared everything so that it is for police and customs to look like a big dope factory, drug dealing, smuggling,
Everything should be similar to drug approaches like / distr / selling / dealing.

The entire main objective is built so that the police should do a raid, crash into the greenhouse / warehouse o destroy, search through everything ...
but they will just find a completely legal activity (perhaps some expensive product: saffron, truffles, strawberries or mushrooms or carrots and asparagus?)

The entire gang will be released and their lawyer sues for a million dollar claim for the large damages for the destruction of premises, goods, inventory, loss of income, pain and suffering ...

The gang begins to move to another city, another country where the similar business begins once again ... in order to be able to recover damages, a new fat court settlement...
Feel free to elaborate along my basic plot idea. And if you think the grammar is shitty, blame google-translate and not me :D


Daniel Mooney January 13, 2011 08:37 Flag

YEs I would be interested in, but I am not unsure how to use

I usually write my screenplays on Final Draft 7.

Johan Löfström January 11, 2011 16:53 Flag

I think all films should try to avoid the most blatant cliches.

A director should never underestimate the intelligence of the viewers.

Would you be interested in writing or participation of this script? We could collaborate in a shared text file on for instance :

Daniel Mooney January 07, 2011 19:00 Flag

I think they might recruit one guy, and he has a low level job, maybe a janitor or a security job, then he slowly finds out the truth.

Or you could have him be an undercover police officer, but that is a little bit more cliched, but the trade off is that you have a more developed character who has a reason to snoop around.

Johan Löfström January 07, 2011 11:54 Flag

yes, it should run linear timeline. from start to the reveal at the end.

everything should appear to the audience as shady and criminal as the police would see it.

So I am unsure on how the film should be made, from what point-of-view will the camera work? Or is it a person on the inside that we follow?

Perhaps only the leader of the gang knows the reasons and true motive?

I dont really know, what is best solution for the screenplay???

Daniel Mooney January 07, 2011 09:31 Flag

I like it, it's original...

I assume your planning on duping the audience and keeping them in the dark until the end?

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