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Some updates !

Posted June 02, 2011 by Alan William Robinson 0 Thumb-ups 

Hey there folks , here with some updates and this is the part of the credit sequence , the camera flies through the streets and up into the building where Abbigail is sleeping , there is a tremendous amount of work to do.Modelling props and buildings to start with, I want to make the resources as modular as I can in order to be able to rapidly build the city from the story.

These few video's are test renders on my modest system , they took a long time to render so I opted to render out animatics for future updates instead

Once again there are so many details that need to be added , the building are for the most part proxy buildings until I can go out and take some decent reference pics.

We have some new team members working on the project now too !
You can see them on the project home page.



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