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A few new things and a handful of fixes

Posted January 28, 2010 by Peter Vesterbacka 4 Thumb-ups 

We've added quite a few new twists and tweaks to Wreckamovie over the last few weeks, and this week is no exception to that. At the same time we are working on reducing the clutter and keep things as simple as possible, so expect to see some less is more action from us too.

Trailer / teaser videos on top

We moved the videos on the production page to the top + made it bigger, so that is now the first thing you see when you hit the production page. Looks better + gives the most important content the best spot. No big development involved, but part of our effort to make the production pages more attractive and functional. You will see more in this area soon.


-fixed uploading of various file types (WAV, AVI etc should all work now)
-news comments show properly in activity stream
-group tasks not shown unless you are part of the group
-deleted items don't show in activity stream
-streamlined registration & invites a bit
-various smaller fixes as usual

What's up next?

We are working on making the production pages more customizable. As part of that also working on making the news section better, adding more flexibility on RSS feeds and some other tweaks.

A bit further out we'll also have more of a press kit capability as part of the production pages, really looking at how we can make it easier for productions to promote what's going on to the world.

Another thing that has come up many times from many of you is the need for more storage and easier sharing of whatever content is needed in the production. We are pretty far in our investigation of the various options and we will have much better functionality and capacity in the not too distant future.

That's it for this week, back to work;-)


Cynthia Duff July 27, 2013 13:19 Flag

Aren't there any more updates about this topic, since it has been a long time. I think the support for MP4 files must have been integrated in it. Looking forward for more such news. transmission repair pompano beach

Peter Vesterbacka February 09, 2010 19:45 Flag

Yes, we are testing the custom production pages with one production, there's a few more coming soon. And some other small features and fixes as usual.

(null) February 09, 2010 18:41 Flag

Noticed one of the productions already has a customised page, looks nice!

Matti Delahay January 29, 2010 08:10 Flag

Sounds great, looking forward to the future updates too. :)

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New week, new features

Posted January 18, 2010 by Peter Vesterbacka 8 Thumb-ups 

Time for another week and another set of new features here on Wreckamovie:


Added a share button to productions, tasks, shots and news items. Makes it easier to share stuff to Facebook, Twitter, Digg and other sites.

Activity stream

You can now give thumbs up directly from the stream. Useful for short shots and comments that show up completely in the stream.


You can now find the comments made just like shots made. Your own under the My Comments tab and comments by others under the Comments tab.

And as usual some small fixes here and there, nothing major.

The next batch of new features will be live early next week. We are trying to get some new stuff out every week now, so expect a shorter list of new features, but also a shorter time to get them to you.

Happy wrecking!


(null) January 18, 2010 17:14 Flag

Well done WAM staff, thank you. :)

Angela R. January 18, 2010 15:15 Flag

That's all I ever wanted to hear. Thanks for your continued efforts! :)

Joonas Aarnio January 18, 2010 15:12 Flag

Angela, we noticed that also, and we'll try to get it fixed for the next release.

Angela R. January 18, 2010 13:30 Flag

No worries about that... good things take time! :) However what I meant was, that within the "My Comments" tab, sorting the list by "Thumb up" does not seem to work properly form me. Have you seen that?

Peter Vesterbacka January 18, 2010 13:26 Flag

There might be a bit of fine tuning needed on the thumb up bit. Doesn't seem to update the count in the activity stream view, but it registers properly anyway. Will be fixed in the next release next week.

Peter Vesterbacka January 18, 2010 12:02 Flag

Glad you like the sharing and comments:-) There's a lot more in the pipeline, we hope to get busy with some bigger new features next.

Angela R. January 18, 2010 12:01 Flag

...although the "sort by thumb up" bit does not seem to work quite right?
Or is it just my browser that is hating me?

Angela R. January 18, 2010 11:58 Flag

A thumb up and yet another thank you to the development team. Already been using the "sharing" button the last couple of days. And absolutely love the "My comments" tab! :)

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No excuses. Make Your Movie.

Posted January 08, 2010 by Peter Vesterbacka 2 Thumb-ups 

Great post by Joke and Biagio at:


Especially liked the video wih John Homa:

Even talks about wrecking! How cool is that;-)



Dario Odobasic January 13, 2010 00:23 Flag

....and the phrase "Happy wrecking!" sounds a bit odd but humorously at the same time :)

Peter Vesterbacka January 09, 2010 10:35 Flag

Yes, it's all about wrecking:D

Kalle Max Hofmann January 08, 2010 23:08 Flag

Yeah THATS the spirit :D

Gert-Jan Van de Voorde January 08, 2010 22:31 Flag

I think that 'wrecking' will become some kind of slang word for making movies.

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Happy New Year and new features

Posted January 07, 2010 by Peter Vesterbacka 5 Thumb-ups 

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are as ready to wreck as we are.

To kick things off for the year we have added some new features to Wreckamovie that you've asked for:


You can now mark shots that you like and keep track of them in the new Favorites tab in MyWreck. This is something that especially the production leaders have asked for, with 10s or hundreds or shots and comments, it can be really hard to keep track of the ones you like and want to include in the production. With the new favorites tab this should be pretty easy.

Activity tab:

We also added a new Activity tab in order to make it faster to get to the latest activity on Wreckamovie.

Filter activity stream:

With more activity in Wreckamovie (and hopefully even more this year) we also wanted to make it easier to navigate the activity stream. You can now filter it and see just the productions you are a member of. And production leaders can see just their own productions. Also tweaked the view a bit so that there's now a bit of a visual difference between the shots and the comments.

Completed productions:

Somebody asked for an easier way to find productions that have been completed. You can now find them under the Films tab by clicking in the Completed category. This is a quick fix, this part will certainly evolve going forward now that we are seeing more productions getting finished.

Small fixes:

There's a whole bunch of smaller fixes and tweaks that we have done behind the scenes. To name just one, we changed the title for the site into "Wreckamovie - Be the Future of Film" so that Wreckamovie now comes first. It used to be the other way around. Now it's better for bookmarking etc.

Let us know what you think and add requests for new features here:


Happy wrecking!


Dario Odobasic January 09, 2010 10:34 Flag

Great update guys! Keep on :-)

Daniel Saarimäki January 08, 2010 12:32 Flag

Of course we can :)

Peter Vesterbacka January 07, 2010 21:44 Flag

@David We didn't do anything to the front page, yet. And hopefully most people don't spend too much time on the front page anyway, but on the activity stream, tasks and MyWreck. We'll update the front page again at some point, but was not a priority right now. Hope you can live with it;-)

David Jansson January 07, 2010 19:50 Flag

But there are still animations on the main page! Am I alone in thinking they are very Distracting?

Peter Vesterbacka January 07, 2010 17:19 Flag

Thanks guys! And let us know what else you need. And invite a few more wreckers too while you're at it;-)

Daniel Saarimäki January 07, 2010 16:41 Flag

I asked for that Completed productions tab... And I got it :)

Really good update! Well done!

Angela R. January 07, 2010 15:47 Flag

That's a massive new year update! Well done guys, well done. I'm sure that playing with the new features will be just as much fun as useful. :)

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