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lou brook created a new production "The Many Faces of Louise Stokes"

Meet The Many Faces of Louise Stokes as the 'real' Louise introduces you to family members of her comedy creations The Family of the Grotesque, including Nicola Goff-the-Goth, Quarter Finalist and about to go to Boot Camp in Britain's national talent competition1click2fame

Gert-Jan Van de Voorde gave a shot "Malone Jones" for Random bits and pieces
Random bits and pieces > young female super star celebrity > Malone Jones
I have an idea for a character that is quirky, powerhungry, lazy, too rich for her own good and so on. I will not mention names, but you can guess where the idea sprung from. This young girl could be in movie industry or perhaps music, performing on stage, travelling around the world, never sleeps anywhere but in air-conditioned hotel rooms. This girl is popular, and always crowded with fans that wants to take her photo, and wants autographs and so on. It gets so hysterical that this super star actually buys hair lice, so that any young kid that comes close to hug her and holds their head next to the super-star (to get their photo taken together) gets this hair lice. She gets obsessed with other diseases like skin cancer, never spends a minute in the sunshine. Have got a person hired on the staff that just performs one task: check her skin for birth marks that possibly could grow into melanoma. A sci-fi-twist to this could be quite funny (and low-budget) if suddenly one day the person checking her moles discovers coincidental similarity to a star constellation, on her skin. If the "celeb-star" lies on a massage-table with arms and legs in a certain position, the birth marks on her body forms exactly the same form that could be seen on the night sky from a special position on earth. (or even worse: a constellation that cannot be seen from earth, and only from the position where a black hole is placed at)
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Malone is a good first name for such a character: M-alone (superstars can get actually quite lonely because everyone want to be with her because she is famous not because of who she is) and Mal (bad in Frensh)-one (buying lice is not friendly).
The name however is Ma-lone, with stress on the a.
Jones is just a common name I randomely came up with
That seems to me a good name for the Superstar, at least the first name.

The real meaning has something to do with hair too, and yes I know that Malone is actually a guys name but it fits much better for a girl.
One of the descendants of the house of O'Connor, Kings of Connaught, being tonsured in honor of St. John, was called Maol Eoin--Bald John, from Maol, bald or tonsured, and Eoin, John, and this was corrupted into Malone.
By the way Malone is a rare name and Jones actually quite common. So Malone will stress her first name wich is special just like she thinks of her own too big ego, by using the name Malone J. And make evey body call her miss Malone. She even tends by replacing the J. by a C. (Celeberty) or even an S. (Special) But the servants and the others close to her, at least the ones she theats like vernin, call her M. T. W. (Malone The Worst)
The others who aren't useless in her eyes, she can be charming to them, (her fans are useless to her in direct way wich explains the lice), are deeply impressed and don't believe the unsicnificant bad threated servants and thus they prevent that they inform the press (also fallen for her charms but you never know) she is actually a smart girl but she uses her clereness for her own sake, she is actually someone like those dictators in South-America or Africa.
Always ready to, even in the midst of the battle, or when the sky goes dark, turn out the light. And thus saving herself leaving others to go down. She knows that if she goes down that she will take as many others with her.

Malone, as smart as she is, thinks the world doesn't needs to know how smart she is, because then someone could see through her plans or someone could even understand her, predicting her every single move, reveal her plans. No, Malone doesn't see the need to inform the world about that, because she knows that, when you show yourself, in politics as in the showbussiness they eat you alive.
She want's to sit at the table and enjoy alone the lovely dinner, without anyone to notice what (or who) actually get's eaten.

The most of it just came while writing this.
I just needed to correct some spellings mistakes and add something and I ended here: a sixteen year old aspirant dictator who uses her skills only to get more. I hope it's useful

Gert-Jan Van de Voorde gave a shot "Perhaps" for Random bits and pieces
Random bits and pieces > Image file or icon for this project??? > Perhaps
Pixel artists! can you design something, or are you an illustrator that already have a cool avatar that would fit? read the synopsis and reason why this is started, and then we could perhaps have a vote?
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I'm willing to draw something that could fit in but that will have to wait until I'm back home, If I've got something I'll let you know by upload it here.

Gert-Jan Van de Voorde gave a shot "Café Réver-au-Ciel" for Is This Just A Dream
Is This Just A Dream > Concept needed for music video for Is This Just A Dream > Café Réver-au-Ciel
I'm looking for someone to create a concept for my music video to Is This Just A Dream. Something classy yet sexy. My original thought was something in a home setting but I'm open to all suggestions. Let me know what you think after hearing my song. Here are the song lyrics: I’m floating on a cloud Flying high up in the sky As I dream of you And you’re right by my side I’m loving you with all my might I wish these dreams came true And then I wake up lying next to you And I realize that dreams really do come true You’re showing me a love I never thought I’d find Tell me that it’s not just in my mind Well is this just a dream Or can it really be That you are here with me It’s like a fantasy Well is this just a dream Or can it really be} really be That you’re here loving me Feels like… These images of you Are always running through my mind Whenever I close my eyes And you’re the reason why I feel this happiness inside You’re love is so sublime Cause when I wake lying next to you lying next to you You’ve made me realize my dreams really do come true You’re giving me the love I never thought I’d find Please tell me that it’s not just in my mind (aah, ho) Is this my reality or is it playing tricks on me I love the way your touching me, you know you’re gonna make me scream Oh, what you do to me baby, oh Well is this just a dream Or can it really be That you are here with me It’s like a fantasy Well is this just a dream Or can it really be That you’re here loving me Feels like a fantasy (instrumental) Cause when I wake up lying next to you, lying next to you And I realize my dreams really do come true, I realize, yeah You’re showing me a love I never thought I’d find, a love I thought I’d never find Please tell me that it’s not just in my mind. Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, ooooo Well is this just a dream Or can it really be That you are here with me It’s like a fantasy Well is this just a dream Or can it really be That you’re here loving me Feels like a fantasy (repeat hook to vamp out)
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It begins in a jazzcafe. The camera shows the saxophone player he is in frond of the rest of the café. Just before the singing starts the camera passes him and shows the singer when she startes, she is sitting at the bar on a high chair. watching a pickture in her hand with a handsome guy on it, or she is watching a movie with the same guy.
When she sings: "Then I wake up lying next to you" you see the guy in a bed, sleeping and the camera turns above their heads to the other side where the girl lays, to accentuate the whole bed scene is a bit blurry or there is smoke on the ground or there is sunrise ligth. She get's up and looks at the guy next to her the camera turns with her.
That's the beginning I've got idea's for the rest but I would be easyer with the lyrics next to me. Please add them as reference media otherwise it's way to hard to come up with something decent.

Iron Sky > Nuke in Space and on Moon > No sound of course
by: Douglas S Caprette

Of course there would be no sound per se, it seems strange that you would even ask that question. Since the movie is a comedy you could use any sound you like, such as a whoopie cushion noise, or someone blowing his nose. If you actually want to be realistic, there might be 'sound' of a sort produced this way: The nuke will vaporize all of the parts of the warhead (delivery system, casing, tamper, unused fissile material etc) that didn't convert to energy. That will create a rapidly expanding near spherical cloud of plasma and vapor. When the edge of that cloud reaches a ship or something there could be an audible 'whump' inside, sort of like the p-wave of an earthquake, followed by a faint noise sort of like wind whistling over the outside of a building but dying away very rapidly and only if the ship/etc is very close. The effect would be most dramatic if there is total silence from the moment the nuke flashes until the edge of the cloud reaches the viewer. I swear that sometime around 1976, at an SF film festival, I saw a version of "Silent Running" in which the nukes did exactly that, but every version I have seen since they went bang coincident with the flash just like in a stupid-ass Star Wars sort of effect. The effect on the moon would be the same as in space, except that the lower edge of the expanding cloud would 'drag' a bit on the lunar surface, raising dust as it expands. But the dust would only swirl briefly as turbulence is an atmospheric effect and the 'atmosphere' in this case would be quite transient. Once the shockwave passes, each dust particle picked up by it will travel in a parabolic arc back to surface. All dust particles will drop back to the surface at the same rate as without an atmosphere there is no buoyancy either. That is true for all lunar dust regardless of what raises it. No swirling (unless it was lifted by a blast of gas), and it all falls back to the moon at the same rate regardless of particle size or what lifted it in the first place. Associated with each nuclear explosion is an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) expanding outward at the speed of light. So that pulse would hit a ship at the same time as the light and therefor any effect on the ship from that pulse would in coincident with the flash. If the ship is not designed to withstand an EMP then it might well cause all sorts of electrical failures, burnt out light bulbs etc. If the ship is designed to resist such an effect it might only dim the lights for a moment. So remember, the light and EMP would arrive at the observer at the same time. Sound would only arrive later when the edge of the explosion itself gets there, and then would be faint and fleeting (if the observer is to survive).
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Agree with everything here. Invariably in Hollywood films--Star Wars and just about everything else--they ignore the "no sound in space" rule. I think it's basically ignorance or a failure of imagination: you have to work harder and more imaginatively to make a space battle dramatic without sound. I think Douglas's suggestions are a good start. See the totally silent flash and SPHERICAL fireball (mushroom clouds depend on gravity and atmosphere) and destruction of the target - then the delayed and understated impact of the vapor cloud. Shortly after that, like a punctuation mark, you could have a larger piece of debris hit the observer, causing damage or at least a loud bang.
Johan Löfström gave a shot "Buildings to blow up" for Apocalyptic
Apocalyptic > Places to blow up > Buildings to blow up
There is lot of places wich I will blow up in this minimovie. What is the place you want to blow up?
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Stockholm Globe Arena - you know the one that looks like a gigantic golf ball:

The Molecule atomic building in brussels:

the faked Eiffel tower in Las Vegas

SNOWBLIND 3D > Search for a New Genre Name! > Garage
by: Paul Day

I see the logic in 'bedroom' but to me it suggests a solitary endeavour. Instead, I'd suggest 'garage'. Original US garage rock emerged as electric musical instruments became widely available, it was particularly raw and laid the foundations for punk, which epitomised the do-it-yourself ethic that you're referring to here.
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Good point! Also, a garage even provides enough space to be used as a green-screen-studio in some cases :D And when the studio is cleared out, it can be crammed with computers for post-production... That reminds me, greenscreen shooting is also sometimes referred to as "backlot technique"... I guess that means it's shot on vacant spaces on the premises of large studios? Cheers, KMH
Paul Day gave a shot "Garage" for SNOWBLIND 3D
SNOWBLIND 3D > Search for a New Genre Name! > Garage
This discussion started in several Snowblind tasks... We're seriously thinking this type of cheap green screen production that so many of us are doing these days could be a new direction in cinema. Those films are cheap to make, so no studio bosses have a say in what to do. Green screen allows for the most fantastic things happening on screen - no physical boundaries, just those of imagination! Of course many of those films will still look imperfect and won't be able to match the standards of 300 and the like - but still I think this could be the beginning of a different perception of films. Just like Manga - if I'm not mistaken the word actually means something like "junk" in japanese - this is a cheap pasttime, some guilty pleasure that many of us enjoy. And this new type of movie could be just that, a moving picture equivalent of a comic book. In the "old days", probably since comics have been invented, but still up to today, you can hear parents saying "don't read these stupid comics, get a real book instead!". So books and comics, this could be the relation between traditional movies and our new ones. But what to call them? Since we use green screen and also change or even abuse the way equipment is meant to be used, and just do things differently than on "normal" film sets - like Robert Rodriguez keeps proposing in his "film schools" - I thought maybe one term could be "Techsploitation", taking into account the exploitation and blaxploitation genres of the 60s/70s. The themes of these films will also be different due to their nature, taken from or influenced by the Sci-Fi/Horror/Action genres, a little more nerdy and fan-based than your usual hollywood fare that is mainly focussed on money-making. So maybe "Fantechsy" could also be a name... Okay sounds a little stupid maybe... But I guess y'all see what I'm getting at! So let's hear your ideas or thoughts on the matter! Cheers, Kalle-Max ^_^
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I see the logic in 'bedroom' but to me it suggests a solitary endeavour. Instead, I'd suggest 'garage'. Original US garage rock emerged as electric musical instruments became widely available, it was particularly raw and laid the foundations for punk, which epitomised the do-it-yourself ethic that you're referring to here.

Oops Beck created a new production "Apocalyptic"

apocalyptic - scifi...

SNOWBLIND 3D > Search for a New Genre Name! > What aboot...
by: Coen Schalkwijk

Homebrew is a bit to broad. Music related names, well, are for music, not for movies. What about 'Any Man's Movie(s)/Flick' or 'Every Man's Movie(s)/Flick' or Any one can make a movie these days and anyone can watch it too. And it's not just the green screen, it's also about being able to distribute yourself using the Internets. It's not a big corp. that has an audience in a can.
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It's not just about production, but also about distribution as Coen says. No need to downplay the quality, the quality can actually be better when done by the community. Good example is the subtitles done for Star Wreck. When Universal wanted to distribute the DVD in Northern Europe (after the free version of Star Wreck had already been available for a while btw) they also wanted to have the subtitles done by "professionals". The professional wasn't a fan, so he/she had no idea about the inside jokes etc, so the subtitles turned out worse than what the community had already done. This just proves that paying somebody to do something is no guarantee for quality, one could even say that the opposite might be the case, ie it's just another job vs somebody who does it with true passion and actually cares about the end product. Of course it's always dangerous to generalize like this, but it's important to keep this in mind. All content will be available for free (want it or not) and as we have seen from the music industry, it's not worth fighting that fight. Instead it's very important that we create models that accept that fact and turn that into an opportunity instead of a threat. Wreckamovie and the community here has a big role to play in all this as we are also part of the PRODUCTION and there's value in production, maybe even more so than in distribution. This is part of a bigger discussion and I think we probably need to do a separate task for it, but I just wanted to add this to the genre name discussion. When we talk about WAM to press, terms like open source, peer production, crowdsourcing all tend to help explain, of course depends on what kind of press you are talking to.